Welcome to RCML

The Research Council on Mathematics Learning (RCML) is a professional community of researchers interested in mathematics education who value collaboration and interdisciplinary research efforts. A key focus of this research is to understand and/or influence factors that affect mathematics learning. 

RCML focuses on promoting research-based advancements in PK-20 mathematics learning and PK-16 teacher preparation and professional development. Target audiences include mathematics education faculty, mathematics faculty, and PK-12 school leaders.

Goals of RCML define the activities and products of RCML:

  • Developing and sustaining a professional learning community of researchers and school leaders.
  • Advancing research about PK-20 mathematics learning, PK-16 teacher preparation and teacher professional development.
  • Informing practice through dissemination of scholarly works through professional fellowship, conference presentations and publications.

Call for Manuscripts

RCML invites all authors of research about validity-related aspects of research, evaluation, and measurement using quantitative tools within mathematics education contexts to submit related manuscripts for consideration in IML’s Volume 9 special issue. Go here for more information. 

RCML Memorial Scholarship

Applications are now being accepted for the 2017 RCML Memorial Scholarship Award

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