Awards and Scholarships

The RCML Memorial Scholarship Award, in honor and memory of the organization’s longtime members who are living or deceased, was established to provide non-tenured faculty financial support to attend the RCML annual conference. Each year one non-tenured faculty member at a college/university employed in a tenure track position and one doctoral student, will receive $750 to offset the cost of attending the annual RCML conference. 

Complete the Application Process and email to Daniel Brahier ([email protected]) - The deadline is November 15, 2018.

RCML Members Honored/Remembered

Marge Speer, Devoted Long-time Supporter of RCDPM-RCML, 2016
David Davison, Montana State University, 2015
Jean Schmittau, SUNY-Binghamton University, 2014

Current and Past Recipients

Shawn Broderick - Weber State University 2019
Christie Martin - University of South Carolina & Nicholas Wong - UNLV 2018
Rachel Bates - Redlands Community College 2017
Sarah Pratt - University of North Texas 2016
Rachel Bachman - Weber State University 2016
Jonathan Bostic - Bowling Green State University 2015
Summer Bateiha - Western Kentucky University 2014