Information Regarding Elections and Nominations for RCML Executive and Other Committee Members


RCML needs you and your colleagues to serve! Consider nominating yourself or someone else for the board position, as well as a member of the Publications and Conference Committees. Want to nominate yourself or someone else to be contacted for further information? Nominations are accepted at any time. Please fill out this 3-question form (name, email, and interested positions): 


At least two (2) board positions, as well as two (2) Committee Members and two (2) Publication Members are filled annually. Full descriptions of all positions can be found in the RCML Constitution and By-Laws. You can also reach out to any board member if you wish to learn more about the position before submitting. All board member contact information is listed on the leadership's web page.

Ballot Information

There's an easy way for you to provide your information for the ballot! If you are ready and interested, there is no need to self-nominate - you can go straight to this form! The form, which will open October 1 and remain open until January 19, will include the specific positions that are opening that year. Are you ready? 


To help you prepare for the information needed for the slate, please have the following information prepared: 

  1. The first and last name you wish to have listed on the ballot
  2. The organization or institution with which you are affiliated and you wish to be listed with your name
  3. Your agreement that you understand the term of service and responsibilities associated with the position you are seeking
  4. Statement for why you wish to be considered for the office - convince the members why you are qualified!
  5. Statement of participation in RCML - show the members you are a part of our community and are invested in RCML!
  6. Professional photo to be included on the ballot

All of the information listed will be distributed to the membership when elections open, so consider carefully what you wish to submit. Once you complete the form, you will be able to review the information before you submit. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email for you to have a record of what you submitted.

Full descriptions of all positions can be found in the RCML Constitution and By-LawsElection Cycle for even and odd years:

  • Odd Year: VP Publications-Elect, Treasurer-Elect, Secretary, 2 Conference Committee Members, 2 Publications Committee Members
  • Even Year: President-Elect, VP Conferences-Elect, 2 Conference Committee Members, 2 Publications Committee Members

If you have any questions about the election process or ballot information, please contact the President-Elect or Past President, who serves this year as the election manager. (Contact information is listed on the leadership's web page.)