Special Issues of Investigations in Mathematics Learning (IML)

Units Construction and Coordination across the Curriculum (PK-20), Volume 16 (2024)
Editor: Steven Boyce
Associate Editors: Beth MacDonald & Amy Hackenberg

Special Issue on Mathematics Teacher Leaders and Coaches, Volume 15 (2023)
Editor: Courtney Baker
Associate Editors: Margret Hjalmarson & Francis (Skip) Fennell

M in STEM, Volume 14 (2022)
Editor: Christa Jackson
Associate Editors: Margaret Mohr-Schroeder, Thomas Roberts, & Catherine Maiorca

Social Justice and Equity in Mathematics Teaching and Learning, Volume 13 (2021)
Editor: Megan Che
Associate Editors: Carlos Nicolas Marchant Gomez, & Denis Kombe

Critical Perspectives on Disability and Mathematics, Volume 10(2018)
Editor: Rachel Lambert
Associate Editors: Amber G. Candela, Jessica Hunt, & Paulo Tan

Instruments and Opportunities in Mathematics Education: Validity Evidence for Use and Score Interpretations, Volume 9 (2017)
Editor: Jonathan D. Bostic
Associate Editors: Michele Carney, Erin Krupa, & Jeffrey Shih