Call for Investigations in Mathematics Learning Editor and/or Editorial Team

See this document for a PDF of the call for editor applications

The Research Council on Mathematics Learning (RCML) has served the mathematics education community for 50 years, facilitating communications, research and dissemination of knowledge among higher education faculty. The official journal of RCML, Investigations in Mathematics Learning (continuously published since 1978), is a prestigious journal among mathematics educators. RCML is soliciting applications for the position of Editor as well as Associate Editor(s) of Investigations in Mathematics Learning, for the term January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2027. During the period of July 1, 2024-December 31, 2024, the incoming editor and their team will receive onboarding from the current editorial team. The Executive Board of RCML plans to select the new Editorial Team during the spring of 2024, Prospective applicants for the three-year term of Editor need to provide the Search Committee with evidence of the following:

  1. Strong professional commitment to the editorial role of a major international professional journal
  2. Appropriate professional background knowledge and experience in mathematics education that demonstrates scholarly work in a multitude of mathematics education areas.
  3. History of being punctually responsive in the role of reviewer or editor with academic journals.
  4. Available logistical support to produce a quality journal punctually, including the time required for accomplishing the duties of the Editor, adequate office space, accepted procedures to update the Vice President on Publications on budgetary matters. On average, an editor can expect approximately 2-4 hours per week devoted to editorial responsibilities. On average, an associate editor can expect 1-2 hours per week devoted to editorial responsibilities
  5. Sound organizational, administrative, and communication skills.
  6. Personal commitment to the mission of the Research Council on Mathematics Learning.
  7. Past editorial abilities and/or experience, including the capability to work cooperatively with other professionals.
  8. Plan for constructing a cohesive and productive editorial team including the names of two or three possible associate editors to be appointed for the same term.
  9. Vitas that highlight scholarly work and editorial experiences for both applicant and the recommended associate editors.

The Research Council on Mathematics Learning typically awards the editorship as a grant/contract to the host institution. RCML characteristically provides the Investigations in Mathematics Learning editor with at least $1,000 annual support as well as pays the expenses of the Editor to attend the Annual Conference of RCML. In addition, RCML will provide a $1,000 honorarium to an assistant to the editor each fiscal year (RCML FY is July 1-June 30).

Submitted proposals should describe specifically the Editorial Office operations, the composition of the internal Editorial Board specific to mathematics education, and the planned resource utilization procedures. Submit the proposal addressing each of the nine points listed above, with appropriate documentation, to Dr. Colleen M. Eddy, Vice-President for Publications, [email protected], by March 30, 2024. Finalists will be interviewed via conference call in April 2024.